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Guitar technique lessons with a focus on improvisation

This video tutorial covers various specific guitar techniques in fourteen chapters. The chapters are arranged in a way that the student is expected to master the previous lesson before proceeding to the next one. The first chapters will introduce you to the important basics of guitar technique, such as the position of hands, the production of tone and the related shaping of nails on your right hand. The next chapters explain how to practice the following guitar techniques: Harmonics and Dampened Notes, Barré, Vibrato, Glissando, Repetitive Tone, Legato, Arpeggio, Rasguado, Tremolo, Timbres, Various Strumming Techniques, Left and Right Hand Differentiation and Overtones.

The guitar technique lessons with a focus on improvisation do not require knowledge of musical notation. They strive for improvisation which is not limited by notation. There are no tedious repeating drills. Anyone can create their own combinations of fingers, and an endless series of exercises is created in combination with the rhythmic imitation that emerges in different chapters. The differentiation of the left and right hands, which cannot be written down in the sheets precisely, already requires a relaxed guitar technique.

I wish that every guitar player can learn to improvise in a creative way and develop their relationship with this beautiful instrument.

Dan Janal

Guitar technique lessons with a focus on improvisation

Guitar play and instrument selection advice

Rád poskytnu občasnou konzultaci, výuku a poradím s kytarovou technikou, nebo s přednesem klasických kytarových skladeb. Mohu také pomoci s výběrem a seřízením kytary.

What guitar you play makes a big difference. Correct action setup is essential, rather than the instrument type or manufacturer. The strings must be aligned as close as possible to the fingerboard and the fret to avoid undesirable sounds. Then you will be able to relax your hands and the guitar technique as a whole.

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Dan Janal

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