Dan Janal's guitar music concerts.

Regular guitar performances included in tours of the Representative Halls of Lednice Chateau

You can meet me during a tour of the Representative Halls of Lednice Castle, where I usually have about five-minute guitar performances. This is not a classical concert, but rather a kind of musical caress. I haven't organized larger classical concerts lately, as I was mostly busy working in the recording studio and the mentioned performances in the castle exposition. In the near future, however, I would like to start organizing concerts again, in the form of about one-hour concerts in the castle chapel. Please write if you would be interested in something like this. Dan Janal 

V blízké budoucnosti bych však chtěl  s pořádáním koncertů opět začít a to ve formě asi hodinových koncertů v zámecké kapli. Napište prosím, jestli byste měli o něco takového zájem.

Dan Janal  

Dates of guitar performances during tours of Lednice Chateau:


Dan Janal

Guitar music from Lednice Chateau

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